14 Temmuz 2014 Pazartesi

A Welcome to the Sunset of Another Long Summer Day in Istanbul

Leander's Tower After the Sunset

Some scenes change, some people change, buildings stay as buildings and gulls are always seagulls, while the daughters of modern day Leanders stay safe from venomous serpents in their towers of stones built on rocks in the sea or of tents of anxiety  built on doubts of millenia and multitudes in the deserts.

Someone blocks Leanders's Tower
But I prefer to see her head

We look at each other after 36 years together and think it has always been 36 years and will always be that.
no venomous serpents, no anxieties, no doubts.

2 Haziran 2014 Pazartesi



The agony and ignominy
of studying #Philosophy
Nothing will cure
If pheromones are the lure
When Zeb or Zelda can amuse
Whıle Zizek will confuse

Ahmet Çelebiler

June 2, 2014

31 Mayıs 2014 Cumartesi

As Turkey Gains Speed in Greedily Moving Towards the Unknown

The following was written as a comment to an article describing a new book :

It opened some new switches and allowed free flow of neurons between dusty areas in my brain which possibly promptly settled back into their previous state of sedation.

Turkey 2014: A New Adventure by Lewis Carroll

  • ahmet celebiler  3 months ago
    I like Lewis Carroll but think that Jonathan Swift's "A Modest proposal" would be more fitting to the current situation in Turkey which has been approaching for the last twenty years for those who could read the signs. ( More than a few fortune tellers in this superstitious area of the world)
    The logic behind the actions of the major political figures in Turkey is not an absurd one in a topsy turvy world. They have a very solid reality of their own, built upon ignorance and lack of intellectual and emotional capacity. Unfortunately, a large proportion of the Anatolian public do not see anything wrong with this illusional reality because their survival have depended in adapting to haphazardly and greedily constructed unreal realities for millenia.
    Every time some try to wake up in these lands they are force fed sedatives, hallucinatory drugs or sent on a venture to hunt the Snark.
    Thanks for another chime on the "Snooze Alarm."

17 Nisan 2014 Perşembe

What I saw When I was Born

Eyes Opening to the World

Words may well rhyme
Even in cosmic pantomime
When the orchestra is poised in time
And tumbled picture and letter cubes surround us

Ahmet Celebiler

17 April, 2014

5 Ekim 2013 Cumartesi

A Recent Picture of the Inner Circle

                                              A bad Marlon Brando as God Father imitation

Nese, Ceylan and Eser clutching me so that I do not fly away.

(Somehow,  my bow ties always appear crooked. Must be pushing through the wrong hole
or in wrong direction.)

A Poem For Eser

          TO HER

         You asked me for poems

         Poems of joy and happiness

        Adventures into the known and the unknown

       Poems from the depths of being

                 Of  being together

       Full of smiling faces and hippos drawn as small as cockroaches

      Aimless night drives to alleviate pangs of hunger

      Sneaking invitations for delights to come.

     Don’t you know that poems are sad?

     Suleyman effendi and Alfred J. Prufrock live with us

    Timeless trains of misery leave Haydarpasa station every minute

             On the minute

     Who was I to change the hieroglyphs of Boddhisatwa

             and the kyrie eleisons of the man made of wood

     Sonnets were not my style.

     Today it is different

     It is time to redefine

     Not to seek joy in sadness

               Nor to conquer empathy in depression

     Just sit back (or forward) and say:

           It is good to travel with you,
           And you,
           And you,
           And you,


(1978- .........)

Notes :

-  Pictionary games with kids and friends
- Driving Daughter late at night in Riyadh, KSA, to get her to sleep

- Suleyman Effendi, character in Orhan Veli poem 
- Trains and Haydarpasa Station : Reference to "Human Landscapes From My Country", Nazim Hikmet

Hieroglyphs, Boddhisatwa, Kyrie Eleison, Man Made of Wood : from poems by Asaf Halet Celebi

Testament to Sharing The Only Adventure There Is


These are not all.
Yet, why post more.
She remembers,
She tells.

Sharing with each other
And family.
On this 68th,
Or is it 69th?
Some day in Virgo September. 2012

No pretension
To have been born to end war in 1944,
Or to stop others later.
Just life and joy
And lives and joys

What you get
Is what you get
Is so much
When given freely
and lovingly.

The harlequin
Did not appear by mistake
I hoped
But did not ask.
Why ask?

All the faces
And all the bodies
Are with us today
And will be,
Here, Tomorrow.

Many thanks to them,
To you,
To us,
To all.